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east_dillon's Journal

East Dillon
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Meet The East Dillon Lions...
A community dedicated to the new generation of Friday Night Lights kids...

This is a community specifically for Becky, Jess, Luke and Vince. I adore the original cast as much as anyone else, but I thought the new kids needed a home of their own and so this community was created.

Community Rules
~All posts should pertain to Becky, Jess, Luke or Vince. Art/discussion on other characters is welcome so long as it also pertains to those four characters. (Pimping fic/art exchanges or any other sort of FNL-related fannish event is fine too.)
~Please put all spoilers behind an lj-cut. If it hasn't aired on NBC yet, it is a spoiler.
~Please put all images larger than 400x400 behind an lj-cut.
~Please tag your posts (art, fic, character) as appropriate.
~Posting and commenting are unmoderated (for now). Please respect other posters opinions.

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